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    • I-Cord Bind off - Two Ways, Three Variations (5 pages)

    • Japanese Bobbles (5 pages)

    • How to Seam Knits with Square Chain Stitch (9 pages)

    • How to Knit an I-Cord Edging (8 pages)

    • How to Decorate Knits with Cross Stitch (8 pages)

    • Lace Hearts Stitch (6 pages)

    • Russian Grafting - an Alternative to Kitchener Stitch (7 pages)

    • Horizontal Seam Without "Seaming" (6 pages)

    • Nifty Beanie - Pattern for a Stripy Hat in Toddler Size (5 pages)

    • Purled I-Cord Bind Off in Three Easy Steps (4 pages)

    • How to Seam Open Stitches to a Side Edge (6 pages)

    • Blocking in Three Simple Steps (6 pages)

    • Five Ways to Join Stitches for Working in the Round (8 pages)

    • Three Ways to Knit Nupps (7 pages)

    • Colourful Nupps (4 pages)

    • How to Knit a Vintage Lace Edging (4 pages)

    • Perfect Seam for Garter Stitch (6 pages)

    • Five Reasons Why We Get Unwanted Holes in Knitting + How to Avoid and Fix Them (8 pages)

    • How to Weave in Tails as You Knit (6 pages)

    • Continental Knitting Step by Step - Part 1 - How to Hold Yarn and Adjust Tension (6 pages)

    • Continental Knitting Step by Step - Part 2 - How to Knit, Purl and Bind Off Stitches (7 pages)

    • How to Increase Stitches in Pattern (4 pages)

    • How to Fix Unravelled Yarn Tails in a Finished Project (5 pages)

    • Kitchener Stitch in Two Simple Steps (8 pages)

    • Three Ways to Make Provisional Cast on (8 pages)

    • Scribble Lace Knitting (10 pages)

    • Short Rows with Shadow Wraps (6 pages)

    • Intriguing Stitch Pattern with Lace and Cables (6 pages)

    • Perfect Cast On for 1x1 Ribbing (6 pages)

    • How to Read Japanese Patterns (6 pages)

    • The Easiest Way to Knit Brioche Stitch (5 pages)

    • Knot Stitch (6 pages)

    • Long Tail Tubular Cast on for 2x2 Ribbing (6 pages)

    • How to Weave in Short Yarn Tails (4 pages)

    • The Most Important Knitting Skill (9 pages)

    • Top 15 Tips for Beginner Knitters (15 pages)

    • Perfect Way to Join a New Ball of Chunky Yarn (6 pages)

    • Simple Way to Cast on Stitches Using Two Colours (7 pages)

    • Hollow Rib (8 pages)

    • Sloped Bind Off (6 pages)

    • Bind Off Without Yarn (6 pages)

    • How to Fix a Dropped Stitch Without a Crochet Hook (6 pages)

Learn a variety of knitting techniques from these easy-to-follow tutorials.

Each tutorial has detailed photo instructions and is supported by a video that will help you master each technique without much effort.

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About the instructor

Maryna Shevchenko

Hello! I'm Maryna, a knitting instructor, designer and a lifelong knitter.After trying a dozen of different knitting techniques, testing hundreds of knitting tips and making all sorts of knit items, I realized that the best and most efficient solutions that do bring great results are the simplest ones. That's when I started my quest to show the best ways to knit in the simplest step-by-step form to make that information easy to understand.
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